Spark Engagement.

With the social media post idea generator trained on 100's of viral posts.

SparkPoster has analyzed 100's of viral posts across Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, X, and Reddit.  Just answer a few questions about your audience and brand, define the goal, and get tailored post ideas formulated to shine.  
No more hit or miss.

Describe your audience.

First, answer a few simple questions to help SparkPoster better understand your audience.

Describe your brand.

Next, you can provide links to your website or social accounts for SparkPoster to analyze.

Define the goal.

Is it shares?  Is it comments?  Is it sales or clicks?  Define it and SparkPoster adapts.

Get post ideas.

Delight your followers with tailored, on-brand post ideas that follow a proven to work formula.

creative block!

Producing quality content is challenging.  Your followers expect you to regularly deliver top notch posts.  With SparkPoster, you can focus on the actual creating part, instead wasting hours and effort on ideation - or risking a hit-or-miss post.


SparkPoster analyzed 100's of successful posts from the following platforms:

Predictable engagement without spending countless hours on post ideation.


What is SparkPoster?

SparkPoster is an AI-powered software which generates social media post ideas to help you create engaging content for your brand's social channels. It analyzes hundreds of successful viral posts across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit to provide tailored post ideas based on your audience, brand, and marketing goals.

How does SparkPoster work?

SparkPoster starts by asking you a series of simple questions about your audience, brand, and desired goals (e.g., shares, comments, sales). Based on your responses, it leverages its training data from viral posts to generate on-brand post ideas that follow a proven formula for success.

What are the benefits of using SparkPoster?

SparkPoster saves you time and effort by streamlining the post ideation process. It eliminates creative blocks and hit-or-miss posting by providing tailored ideas proven to resonate with your audience. This helps you consistently deliver top-notch content that sparks engagement and achieves your marketing objectives.

How is SparkPoster different from other post generators?

Unlike generic post generators, SparkPoster is specifically trained on successful social media content. It considers your unique brand, audience, and goals to generate ideas that align with your brand voice and marketing strategy, increasing the likelihood of creating viral, engaging posts.

Can SparkPoster generate posts for multiple platforms?

Yes, SparkPoster can generate post ideas for various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. The generated ideas are tailored to the specific platform's format and best practices for maximum engagement.

Do I need any special skills to use SparkPoster?

No, SparkPoster is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to anyone, regardless of their social media or marketing expertise. The simple survey format makes it easy to provide the necessary information, and the generated ideas are ready to use or can be further customized as needed.

Is SparkPoster software free to use?

SparkPoster offers both free and paid software-as-a-service (SAAS) plans. The free plan allows you to generate a limited number of post ideas, while the paid plans provide access to additional features and unlimited idea generation.
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